Simple Vitamins That Can Save Your Life!

Nothing to Lose...EVERYTHING to Gain

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My Vitamin Recommendations that can get you through this Coronavirus scare: (If you have underlying conditions, consult with a nutritionist)
If you’re feeling normal, for the next few weeks, I recommend taking this:
1000 mg Vitamin C (Daily)
4000iu of Vitamin D (twice a day)

If you’re feeling a little under the weather:
1000 mg Vitamin C (twice a day)
5000iu Vitamin D (three times a day)

Once you start feeling better, go back to first regime.

If you boost your immune system properly, you may feel mild to no symptoms.
Children need half of the above.
I do not recommend you take the above for more than 90 days, unless you are under the care of a nutritionist.

Peter Vlahos