$3497 Level (Most Popular Level)

$ 3406 USD

SPECIAL for $3497 Level:

Special Jump Start: 2500 Printed Postcards...500 Printed Labels...500 Stamps)


$6497 Level

$ 6497 USD

SPECIAL FOR $6497 Level: 

5,000 Printed Postcards...2000 Addressed Labels...2000 Stamps


$1497 Level

$ 1344.00 USD

$1497 Level:

Postcard Design And 1-on-1 Coaching


Congratulations and Thank You For Allowing Me To Provide You With My Services
The Payment Is For My Coaching Services And Trainings That I Provide. Please Choose Whichever Level Fits You Best. The 2 Higher Levels Include A "Jump Start" For Your Postcard Marketing Campaign.
Once This Initial Payment Is Received, An Additional $97 Will Need To Be Made For Your Branded Website.
Payments Made Include The Merchant Services Charges.

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS for the services that I provide, however, there IS a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. I Guarantee a 4% or higher response rate with your postcard campaign, AS LONG AS you use me for advice, guidance and coaching.  Once payment is made, please allow 2 to 3 days to receive an email from me with my trainings and instructions. Then we will schedule our first 1-on-1 appointment. 
Peter Vlahos 
Any questions, call me at 847-630-8889.